Bleach revolution of the soul.

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 Main Storyline

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PostSubject: Main Storyline   Sat May 29, 2010 7:09 am

After the defeat of Aizen and his army, Ichigo along with the other shinigami had triumphed over Aizen to bring a everlasting peace but not without death to both of their kind the shinigami had forgotten about Starrk and Harribel who was severely wounded but not dead. Narrowly escaping with their lives with the betrayal with their master they became rather ill willed to shinigami then normal hollows. So they began to recruit a new set of Espada to show they do not need help from any shnigami despite their pathetic feuds between themselves. So in a effort to regain their lost status regaining new numbers their forces decided to attack the Siereitei for their crimes.

The Siereitei who had become too relaxed during the peace time and not expecting the Arrancar to attack leading to a all out massacare of the shinigami lead by Harribel, Starrk being to lazy to care. Although most Shinigami were killed some managed to escape with their lives the Arrancars rampage led them to a complete destruction of the Siereitei flames of their rage literally burning it to the ground. Having their mission complete they left for Hueco Mundo to plan thier next mission which was currently to elimate the remaining Shingami that went into hiding. With time passing the Shinigami secretly began to build forces and a new Siereitei in the landmark of the older ones ashes.
Wth the rebuilt Siereitei and another upcoming war in the air other races in Karakura town frantically to stay neutral but their own rivalrys getting in the way as they chose sides but the Vizard however did something peculiar they spilt themselves into two groups one called the Kokushibyou or "black death" which supported the Arrancar and the Kiyoraka also known as the "pure sky" which supported the shinigami tensions flared within the vizards although they were on two completely different sides the group swore to not kill each other because they were brothers despite their different views.

With the tensions flaring what side would you choose in the upcoming war?
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Main Storyline
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